Connect & Earn

What is Connect & Earn?

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The Connect & Earn program is an initiative to reward those who help spread the word about our talented sellers by connecting them to new clients. If you know of someone who is looking for a service that exists on Talentpackages, take the opportunity and earn money by pointing them in the right direction.

How it works

  1. Pitch a potential buyer on a Service Package that one of our sellers provide.
  2. If the buyer agrees to purchase send an e-mail to with the following information:
    • Username of Buyer (make sure they are registered)
    • Your Username
    • A link to the Service Package in question

    Make sure to send this e-mail before the Buyer has purchased the Service Package.

  3. Seven days after the Buyer having marked the job as completed, money will be added to your balance on Talentpackages which can then be withdrawn to either PayPal or a Bank account.


Depending on the price of the Service Package, the reward is different, see table below:

Service Package Price Reward
$50-99 $7
$100-199 $12
$200-399 $20
$400+ $30

Things to Remember

  • You cannot pitch potential buyers on your own Service Packages
  • You will only get rewarded if the order is completed successfully (so look for Sellers that you think will do a good job)
  • You can only get rewarded for introducing new buyers to Talentpackages. A new buyer is defined as one who has not made any purchases previously on Talentpackages.
  • The Service Package has to be purchased 7 days from you sending the e-mail with the buyer username to us.

And that’s it! Next time you see somebody in need of professional services you know in what direction to point them.